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Primary teacher Claire Jarrett denies bullying campaign

A primary school teacher has denied assaulting a five-year-old boy during a campaign of bullying.

Claire Jarrett, 46, told a professional misconduct hearing that when she was suspended from her job, it had come "completely out of the blue".

It is claimed she was taking rehearsals for a carol concert at Aberbargoed primary school when she lost her temper and swung the boy across the hall.

Miss Jarrett denies all the allegations regarding Pupil A.

She was charged with common assault by police after the incident but was never taken to trial.

The General Teaching Council for Wales hearing in Cardiff was told the alleged assault was part of a campaign of bullying against the five-year-old boy, which lasted several months.

It has been claimed Miss Jarrett shouted "get out" very loudly and aggressively at Pupil A before taking hold of his left arm, pulling him through the front row of children and swung him through the air before he slid along the hall floor.

"It didn't happen," Miss Jarrett said.

Rolled up programme

"I did not and have never done a lift like they're describing - I have never done that."

She also denied shouting at any specific child although she said she would have raised her voice to be heard.

She admitted that it was possible she may have tapped children with a rolled up concert programme to get their attention - although she said she did not remember doing it.

Her version of events in the rehearsals was backed up today by a teaching assistant who said she had been there throughout and had not seen what other members of staff had reported.

She also denied other allegations relating to Pupil A, including forcing his hand under a tap and pulling him off a bike when he refused to come off it at the end of a break.

She also said she was angry that school CCTV had not been checked because that would have given proof.

The hearing also heard a statement from Pupil A's mother who said that the child had said Mrs Jarrett grabbed him and made him cry when he was naughty, but this was denied.

The hearing will continue on Friday.

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