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Peter Lewis murdered by William Jones on Cardiff doorstep, court told

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Media captionWilliam Jones denies murdering charity volunteer Peter Lewis

A jealous boyfriend looking for his ex-girlfriend and her new partner murdered an innocent pensioner on his doorstep early one morning, a court has heard.

Peter Lewis, 68, a vulnerable man with learning difficulties, was stabbed in the stomach, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

Jurors listened to a recording of Mr Lewis's last moments as he made a desperate call for help.

William Stephen Jones, 32, denies murdering Mr Lewis, a charity volunteer, in Roath, Cardiff.

Mr Lewis, who was disabled, opened his door to an enraged Mr Jones, who was searching for his former girlfriend at 02:00 BST on April 28, 2012, the court heard.

Mr Jones, of Adamsdown, Cardiff, allegedly stabbed Mr Lewis in the stomach and ran off along Claude Road.

Mr Lewis then made a call for help on his personal panic alarm.

A jury heard a tape recording of his last words saying: "I have been stabbed and I can't get up, somebody attacked me.

"I am on my own, I am on the floor. He knocked me over. A boy hurt me, I need bandaging up. I am bleeding terribly, can you hurry up."

Image caption Peter Lewis was a "champion of people with learning difficulties," the court heard

The court was told Mr Jones had said to his alleged victim he was looking for his "on-off" girlfriend Katie West, suspecting she was with new partner, Dean Tilmouth.

Peter Murphy, prosecuting, said: "Police arrived to find Mr Lewis slumped in his hallway. He had suffered a single stab wound to the abdomen. He was still conscious and was able to give police brief details.

"He was taken to hospital but, despite best efforts, he died that morning."

'Armed with knife'

The court heard Jones had knocked on several doors in Roath as he searched for Miss West and Mr Tilmouth.

Mr Murphy said: "Jones was armed with a knife as he knocked on doors looking for them.

"He eventually knocked on Number 13, Mr Lewis's house. Jones responded to a confrontation with Mr Lewis by stabbing him with the knife he was carrying."

The court heard that Mr Lewis had a low IQ. He lived a busy social life, volunteered at charity shops, was a committed Christian and was described in court as a "champion of people with learning difficulties".

He was pictured with singer Charlotte Church in 2006 as part of a campaign to stop cuts in care spending.

Mr Murphy said: "Mr Lewis was partially sighted and had only one eye. He had great difficulty moving at all without the aid of a carer and his walking stick.

"Everyone who knew him found him a kind and generous man. He had no perception of the danger he could put himself in."

The trial continues.