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Apology after nude sauna mix-up at Chepstow Leisure Centre

A group of naturists have apologised after a mix-up left a woman unwittingly sharing a sauna with naked bathers.

The woman was reportedly shocked to see naturists entering the sauna.

A spokesman for the Western Swimming Club, which hires the swimming pool at Chepstow Leisure Centre weekly, apologised for the incident but said there was nothing to be ashamed of.

Monmouthshire council apologised and said it was looking into how the woman ended up in the wrong sauna.

The Western Swimming Club meets at the leisure centre every Friday.

Ian Saunders, Monmouthshire's leisure activities manager, said about 40 club members regularly attend the leisure centre.

Club members use an upstairs sauna to change, while others use the downstairs facility.

Mr Saunders said: "Unfortunately, a lady booked a sauna and found herself in the upper sauna area.

"Usually our staff clear the public from the areas used by the Western Swimming group and we are naturally very disappointed that on this occasion the lady concerned was left in the sauna as the group entered.

"This is the first problem we have encountered in 25 years that the club has hired the pool.

"I apologise to the lady and wish to assure the public that we will look into this incident and ensure staff are aware of their responsibilities".

Andrew Welch, spokesman for British Naturism, which represents the club, said: "We're sorry that this has occurred."

However, he added: "We don't believe we've got anything to be ashamed of.

"There's no law against public nudity. We don't have to hire leisure centres at certain times but we choose to because we understand the sensitivities."

He said the woman concerned remained "in the vicinity for about 30 minutes before she went home," and claimed the "complaint only seemed to arise from her husband".

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