Flat Holm to open Gull and Leek pub on island

image captionThe pub will replace the island's former shop

A pub six miles off the coast of Cardiff will become the southern most watering hole in Wales when it opens its doors.

Flat Holm island sits in the Bristol Channel, but falls within the boundaries of Cardiff council.

The Gull and Leek will be the first bar on the island since the early 1900s and will serve bottled beers, local ales, cider and wine.

The pub, which opens on Friday, will be available to all visitors.

Cardiff Lord Mayor Delme Bowen said it was the first time he had opened a pub.

"The Gull and Leek is a great new amenity for both day visitors and overnight guests to enjoy," said Prof Bowen.

"I can't think of anything better than a sunny day on the island drinking an ice cold drink of your choice."

The idea for a pub came up last year as staff on the island were looking at ways to generate more visitors and income.

It will replace the island's former shop in the Victorian barracks and construction work has been carried out by volunteers over the last eight weeks.

A new farm shop has also opened.

Flat Holm, once a sanctuary for monks and also home to Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, silver miners and smugglers, is now a mix of ruins from bygone eras and modern sustainable living.

It is perhaps most famous for receiving the first radio message across water by Marconi in 1897.

The island has also featured on the BBC TV series Torchwood.

Last year it also welcomed 44 naturists who spent time there enjoying the wildlife and history.

Nigel Howells, Cardiff council's executive member for sport, culture and leisure, said the Gull and Leek "adds to the Flat Holm experience".

He added: "It will provide the perfect venue to get away from all the hustle and bustle."

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