Tesco's apology over kitchen cloth found in bread

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Tesco called to apologise to Maggie Sullivan

Tesco has apologised after a shopper found a dirty kitchen cloth in bread bought at a store in Monmouthshire.

Maggie Sullivan had already eaten some of the 50p loaf, bought in Chepstow, when she made the discovery.

She only noticed the cloth after she cut into a section she had cut off and frozen.

A Tesco spokesman said the find was "extremely rare" and they were "very sorry".

Mrs Sullivan, 54, said: "I couldn't believe it when I saw what was lurking inside the loaf.

"It was disgusting."

The widow, who lives in Tintern, bought the bread fresh but it was too big for her to eat in one go, so she cut it into four pieces and froze three of them.

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The kitchen cloth through the loaf

She said: "When I got one of the other slices from the freezer and cut into it I thought I saw what thought was blue mould.

"But it could not have been as I froze it within hours of buying it. Then I realised it was a piece of cloth.

"I have to admit to being sick in the sink when I thought it was someone's dirty tissue or something and I had already eaten part of a contaminated loaf.

"But when I cut further into the loaf I saw it was a kitchen cloth."

The mortgage advisor has now handed the loaf over to Monmouthshire Council Environment officers.

A Tesco spokesman said: "We are very sorry for this extremely rare find and have phoned the customer to give a personal apology."