Moon jellyfish 'invade' Doctor Who beach at Porthcawl

image captionMembers of the public have been warned not to touch the jellyfish with bare hands

A south Wales beach used to film scenes for Doctor Who has been swamped by real-life invaders - an army of jellyfish.

Dozens have been washed up on Newton Beach near Porthcawl, Bridgend, a location used for the sci-fi series.

The moon jellyfish were discovered by a member of the public who was walking his dog on the beach.

Council officials have warned people not to touch the creatures, which deliver stings from their tentacles.

Dog-walker James Palmer, 38, said: "They looked so unnatural just washed up on the beach, especially because Doctor Who has been filmed around here.

"They look straight like they're out of science fiction; moon beings sent to earth!"

Rubber gloves

A Bridgend Council spokesman said: "Moon jellyfish can deliver a mild sting although they are not particularly venomous."

"Jellyfish should never be touched with bare hands.

"If you need to turn one over so it can be identified, always use a stick or arm-length rubber gloves.

"A jellyfish sting is delivered by its tentacles, so be wary and make sure to keep your face and any exposed skin clear.

image captionNewton Beach has been used to film some Doctor Who scenes

"Anyone who suffers a severe jellyfish sting should seek medical attention."

The coastline between Porthcawl and Southerndown has been used as a location for a number of Doctor Who scenes, doubling as a Norwegian fjord and foreign cliffs.

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