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How do I book a coronavirus test in Wales?

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The Welsh Government has now joined a UK government portal for booking coronavirus tests - but the process remains different here.

If you think you need a test, there are different ways to do it - depending on whether you're a member of the public or a key worker.

Home test kits for the general public

If you have at least one symptom of Covid-19 - a new continuous cough, a fever, loss of smell or taste - you should be able to order a home test kit online.

The tests are not suitable for under-5s.

To get one, call 119, or go to this website and click on "request a home test kit".

The service has experienced high demand, however, and for long periods on Tuesday the option was unavailable.

What about health and social care workers?

Health and social care workers with symptoms are advised by the Welsh Government to speak to their employer for advice on how to get tested.

And other "critical workers"?

Other "critical workers" with at least one symptom of Covid-19 can apply for a home test kit here.

Although the public can receive a kit, critical workers are being prioritised.

Or, critical workers can book a slot at a drive-through testing centre or mobile testing unit.

To do that, people need to contact their nearest centre. The centres and contact details for them are listed here. A list of professions deemed critical workers in Wales can be found here.

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Can the general public go to drive-through centres?

People in Wales, like the rest of the UK, can make a booking for a coronavirus test at a drive-through centre or a mobile unit via a UK online system.

It was not initially available in Wales but that has since been resolved.

When should we take the test?

It is also important to note that you need to take the test in the first five days of having symptoms.

The government advice is that it is best to apply for the test in the first three days as it may take "one or two" days to arrange.

This test simply looks for the presence of the virus. It does not tell you if you have ever had it.

That "antibody test" is not available yet.

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