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Tory AM Nick Ramsay ends legal action against his party

Nick Ramsay
Image caption Nick Ramsay: "We can now put this matter behind us and begin working properly together again"

Tory assembly member Nick Ramsay has ended legal action against the party's Senedd leader and been "fully re-instated" to its Cardiff Bay group.

Mr Ramsay was suspended from the group after being arrested but released without charge on New Year's Day.

The Monmouth AM sued group leader Paul Davies, claiming Mr Davies broke the party's constitution in suspending him.

Mr Davies was then forced to re-admit Mr Ramsay to the group, after a ruling in the High Court last month.

In a statement on Thursday, Mr Davies said a review of the group's disciplinary processes was needed to ensure they were "fit for purpose".

Mr Ramsay said: "I am today delighted to be able to announce that Mr Paul Davies, the leader of the Welsh Conservative group, and myself, have been able to end the legal action that was necessary to resolve the issue of my suspension from the Conservative assembly group".

He thanked "all those members of the assembly from all sides who have been so supportive over the last month".

Image caption Paul Davies has been leader of the Welsh Tories since 2018

Mr Ramsay added: "I look forward to working with my colleagues, representing my constituents, and to continue holding the Welsh Government to account.

"I have no doubt that we will now wish to focus on the interest our constituents, those of the group as a whole and the people of Wales.

"Thankfully, we can now put this matter behind us and begin working properly together again."

Mr Davies did not attend group meetings this week and last week, where Mr Ramsay was present, on legal advice.

In a statement on Thursday, Mr Davies said it was a "matter of deep regret that this matter has been the subject of legal action, but I am pleased that this has now come to an end".

"It is clear that there is a need to review the disciplinary processes within the Welsh Conservative group in order to ensure that they are fit for purpose in the future."

Analysis by BBC Wales political correspondent Paul Martin

Image caption Nick Ramsay speaking after last month's High Court hearing in Bristol

Nick Ramsay wasn't at the assembly in Cardiff Bay for the first few weeks of the year.

Then, a fortnight ago, a judge ordered he be re-instated to the group, pending a full hearing to decide whether his suspension had broken party rules.

That gave rise to the bizarre situation of group leader Paul Davies not attending his own group meetings with the Monmouth AM present, on legal advice.

That full legal hearing now won't be happening.

There will be some relief in the party about that but that's not to say this hasn't been a pretty bruising few weeks for Paul Davies as leader.

We are not being told by Nick Ramsay or the party any details of how they've arrived at this agreement.

Next week is the half term recess so their working relationship won't be tested straight away.

After that we'll see how realistic it for these two senior AMs to work together when one has just taken the other to court.

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