General election 2019: Drakeford to launch Welsh Labour campaign

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Mark Drakeford launched the campaign at a training centre in Splott, Cardiff

The Conservative Party has failed working people and starved public services of money, Welsh Labour leader Mark Drakeford has claimed.

First Minister Mr Drakeford launched the party's general election campaign in Cardiff on Wednesday.

He said a Labour UK government would increase funding available for the Welsh NHS and education.

Deputy leader Carolyn Harris and shadow Welsh secretary Christina Rees launched the campaign with Mr Drakeford.

The three politicians were joined by young people at a training centre in Splott, to highlight what the party says is its commitment to improving skills and opportunities.

Speaking ahead of the event, Mr Drakeford said: "We will hold the Tories to account for the choices they have made - choices which are leaving working families worse off and starving public services of funds."

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Shadow Secretary of State for Wales Christina Rees was also at the launch

He said there was a "clear choice between a Welsh Labour Party who will stand up for you and your family - and a Tory party which is failing working people".

"Wales is the only country in the UK with a Labour government and we have secured real change for people - for those who need it most. But we could do so much more with a UK Labour government.

"If you want to put the chaos of the Tories and a decade of austerity behind us, vote for Labour."

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Deputy Leader of Welsh Labour Carolyn Harris MP will help to launch the party's election campaign on Wednesday

Labour said it would increase the minimum wage to £10 an hour for the lowest-paid workers, renationalise the railways and create jobs through environmental energy schemes such as the Swansea Bay lagoon project.

Speaking to BBC Wales, Mr Drakeford said there was more to the election than Brexit: "When I'm knocking on doors actually people don't ask me about Brexit, genuinely they don't."

He said a Labour government would renegotiate a deal with the EU and put the decision "back in the hands of the people in a referendum".

"Remaining in the EU is the best deal we will ever get," he said.

"We will never be able to make the case to people in Wales unless there is a Labour UK government."

"In Wales if we get to that [a referendum] we will be backing remain."

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