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Carolyn Harris: Fund coffins for child burials in Wales

Carolyn Harris
Image caption Carolyn Harris had to take out a loan to pay for her son's funeral

An MP is calling for the cost of children's coffins to be covered by the Welsh Government as part of an existing scheme paying for burials.

Swansea MP Carolyn Harris has been campaigning on the issue since she had to take out a loan to pay for her own son's funeral.

The Welsh Government scrapped burial and cremation costs in 2017.

But Ms Harris said they were so quick to agree, they had not thought about introducing payment for the coffin too.

Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to make an announcement on Monday outlining the UK government's plans, which are more comprehensive than those previously outlined in Wales and include payment for the coffin.

Ms Harris said: "I have now spoken to colleagues in the Welsh Government and asked that they revisit the scheme to see if there's a potential there to include the cost of the coffin."

She added she was "immensely grateful" to the Welsh Government, for reacting so quickly - within six months - to her appeal to help with the cost of child funerals.

Ms Harris said she was "delighted" that after three years the UK government was also taking action.

The Welsh Government praised Ms Harris for her "courageous campaign" and said it would be reviewing the impact of its current scheme later this year.

An official said Welsh ministers would "explore what further support families may need at this extremely sad time".

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