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Plaid Cymru considers re-admitting Neil McEvoy

Neil McEvoy
Image caption Neil McEvoy was expelled him over alleged disruptive behaviour at a 2017 party conference

A disciplinary panel deciding whether Neil McEvoy should be allowed back into Plaid Cymru will hold a second meeting after failing to reach a decision.

The panel met on Monday evening to hear his case, but will reconvene soon.

South Wales Central AM Mr McEvoy applied to rejoin Plaid in March following a year-long expulsion.

The Western Mail said the panel was evenly split but a Plaid Cymru source told BBC Wales it was possible the meeting simply "ran out of time".

It is understood the panel is only looking at Mr McEvoy's behaviour during his expulsion while he has been sitting as an independent AM.

Plaid expelled him over alleged disruptive behaviour at a party conference in 2017.

He had already been thrown out of the party's group in the assembly. If he is readmitted to the party, Plaid AMs will decide separately whether to allow him back into their assembly group.

Mr McEvoy declined to comment.

A party spokesman said: "Having received an application to re-join, Plaid Cymru's membership, disciplinary and standards committee is considering the application.

"It would not be appropriate to comment further while the process is continuing."

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