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Migrant separations in US horrifying, says First Minister

Children in a tent city in Texas Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Children seen inside a recently erected tent city in Texas

The separations of undocumented child migrants from adults in the US is "horrifying and inexcusable", First Minister Carwyn Jones has said.

President Donald Trump has promised action to "keep families together" amid a backlash over the policy.

Mr Jones said it was a "stark warning to all democracies" about where populism can lead a country.

"There can be no justification for this treatment of children," Mr Jones said.

Image caption Carwyn Jones said the scenes were "horrifying and inexcusable"

Mr Jones said: "What we are witnessing in the United States of America is horrifying and inexcusable.

He said it "must be stopped immediately", adding: "This is a stark warning to all democracies about where populism can lead a country - what sounds good in an election rally, ends in the caging of children."

He made the comments at an event in Cardiff on Wednesday evening.

Plaid Cymru Leanne Wood tweeted that the actions of the US administration were an "absolute disgrace".

Earlier Prime Minister Theresa May dismissed calls to cancel president Donald Trump's visit to the UK.

But she condemned the forced separations, saying images that had emerged of children being kept in what looked like cages was "deeply disturbing" and "wrong".

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