Some opportunities from Brexit, says Mark Drakeford

By Paul Martin
BBC Wales political reporter

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Mark Drakeford said his main priority was continuing access to the EU single market

There will be "some opportunities" from Brexit, the Welsh Government finance secretary has said.

Mark Drakeford, who supported the Remain campaign, said he would assess how Wales may benefit when EU rules no longer apply.

The next stage of Brexit talks between the UK Government and the EU will cover the future trading relationship.

Mr Drakeford's comments come after the head of Penderyn whisky said Brexit could be good for his business.

Its chief executive Stephen Davies told BBC's Wales Live programme: "I think there will be opportunities and I suppose one obvious one for us would be to look at somewhere like India where there's a lot of whisky consumed at the moment but there are tariffs, barriers to actually getting whiskey into the country.

"In a situation where there was a free trade agreement with India those tariffs may be removed and there's be a huge opportunity and that would be quite exciting."

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Stephen Davies says free trade agreements with other countries could benefit his firm after Brexit

Mark Drakeford said: "We must look to see what opportunities Brexit will bring because Brexit is going to happen.

"So there will be some opportunities when we are able to operate outside some of the rules.

"The European Union rules have to be crafted for 28 different countries.

"Sometimes that means they don't fit exactly with the circumstances of Wales.

"So we will have to see where there are some opportunities to exploit that."

But he said his main priority remained access to the EU single market.

He said: "We have always said the most important thing from the Welsh economy's perspective is our nearest and biggest market.

"The softer the Brexit the better for the Welsh economy, for Welsh jobs, for Welsh industry and therefore for Welsh families."

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