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Davies' 'nuisance' pledge to raise valleys living standards

South Wales valleys housing

A minister has said he plans to be "a nuisance" to help raise living standards in the south Wales valleys.

Blaenau Gwent AM Alun Davies is head of a task force looking at the issue.

He said it should not be judged on delivering shiny new roads but on creating an "industrial renaissance" after nearly a century of economic decline.

Mr Davies was speaking after chairing his first public meeting in Merthyr Tydfil to generate ideas.

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Media captionAlun Davies says politicians need to make promises they can keep

He added no part of the Welsh Government would be outside of the group's scope.

"Thirty years ago, different politicians from different places were making exactly the same promises and saying exactly the same thing and that is why we need to succeed today," he said.

"That brings us back to the importance of the approach we are taking, not to create a new government department for the valleys which compartmentalises everything neatly and easily for the civil servants, but actually to be a bit of a nuisance in government as well, prodding different departments, saying to Cardiff Bay and different ministers 'actually I want you to do this'."

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