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Dr Barry Morgan: Wales' devolution settlement 'unjust'

Dr Barry Morgan Image copyright PA

The devolution settlement for Wales is less fair than those offered to Scotland and Northern Ireland, the Archbishop of Wales has said.

Dr Barry Morgan said the Wales Bill, passed last week after a vote of approval by AMs, was unjust.

He added that Scotland and Northern Ireland were offered "better deals".

Welsh Secretary Alun Cairns has previously said it meant people in Wales would get more say over "everyday decisions in their lives".

Dr Morgan is due to retire after 14 years leading the Church in Wales.

The Wales Bill offers to extend the transfer of powers over tax, energy, transport and the assembly's own affairs but there have been claims it would reduce AMs law-making powers

Dr Morgan told the BBC's Newyddion9 programme: "Devolution in Wales is a matter of equality and fairness and we have not reached that point yet, as far as Wales is in the question in my opinion."

Asked if devolution needed to go further and faster, he said: "Of course. And I don't believe the latest bill which was passed is a just settlement.

"But, on the other hand, this is the only thing we'll be given at the moment.

"In 20 years we have reached a very good point. We now have a government which is responsible for a number of things in Wales and it's much better than having a Welsh secretary and two ministers controlling Wales.

"That is much better but it has not gone as far as it should, because Scotland and Northern Ireland have been given better deals than Wales."

Dr Morgan, who is retiring on Tuesday, has supported numerous causes while at the helm of the church, including more powers for the Welsh Assembly.

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