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Brexit: Andrew RT Davies accuses Carwyn Jones of 'false assertions'

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Media captionCarwyn Jones told Huw Edwards Mr Davies had not offered to help form the Brexit response

Welsh Tory leader Andrew RT Davies has demanded a public apology from First Minister Carwyn Jones for accusing him of not wanting to be part of deciding Wales' Brexit strategy.

Writing to Mr Jones, Mr Davies called the comment, made on The Wales Report, a "false assertion", and "misleading".

Mr Davies said he had texted Mr Jones an offer to work with him, and had also made other offers publicly.

A spokesman for the first minister called the letter "ridiculous".

Mr Jones was asked on the BBC Wales television programme on Wednesday why other party leaders had not been invited to help formulate the Labour-Plaid Cymru Brexit plan unveiled on Monday.

Referring to Mr Davies, Mr Jones replied: "At no time has he ever said that he wanted to be part of the process to work out what the journey should be for Wales."

Image caption Andrew RT Davies's letter

In his letter to Mr Jones, Mr Davies said: "I regret that your inability to reflect the truth in a televised interview has forced me to formally wrote seeking an apology for your actions which have distorted my position.

"In light of your false assertions being made publicly, I would expect your apology, which will assert the truth, to be made equally as publicly."

Mr Davies enclosed a copy of a text message sent to Mr Jones on the day after the referendum, 24 June, where he said: "We have disagreed on the outcome we [were] seeking to achieve.

"But the results are in and Wales has spoken. I am ready if you want to work with [me] to deal with the new landscape.

"However appreciate you may find that difficult politically and personally but the offer is there."

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Media captionCarwyn Jones chose not to take hand of friendship, Andrew RT Davies said

According to a copy of the text message, Mr Jones replied: "Thanks. Let's touch base next week."

In his letter, Mr Davies said he had made subsequent offers publicly, and added: "Your misleading remarks are regrettable."

A spokesman for the first minister said: "In the seven years of Carwyn Jones being first minister, this is the most ridiculous letter we've ever received.

"But, we will of course respond within 17 working days."

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