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Million Welsh speakers goal backed by five-year targets

Alun Davies
Image caption Alun Davies says more Welsh-speaking teachers and public sector workers are needed

The Welsh Government will set a "framework" of five-year targets in its attempt to ensure a million people speak Welsh by 2050.

Welsh language minister Alun Davies told AMs it would help efforts to reach that goal stay on the right track.

Targets to meet growing demand for Welsh-speaking teachers and public sector workers will also be set.

Culture committee chairwoman Bethan Jenkins said AMs had been told 70% more Welsh-medium teachers were needed.

Mr Davies responded that around a third of teachers in Wales could speak Welsh, and that the challenge was to see if more of them would be willing to teach through the medium of Welsh.

Earlier this month, Welsh language commissioner Meri Huws called for "radical change" in the education system to ensure all children under the age of seven were "immersed" in Welsh.

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