Groundhog day no longer?

There have been groundhog day arguments for years about the perceived lack of adequate funding for the assembly from Westminster.

For some it has been a genuine grievance while for others it has created an "excuses culture" at Cardiff Bay.

Now it appears that particular battle is over, and the political debate at the assembly can at long last move on.

And the new fiscal framework means that the debate can move into tax and spend topics pretty quickly.

The devolution of some income tax powers is wrapped up in the extra powers included in the Wales Bill, which is working its way through Parliament.

Officially, the Welsh Government says the fiscal framework is neutral, but a huge banana skin has been avoided.

Behind the scenes there is a feeling now that AMs will give their backing to the bill, despite many concerns.

The current Welsh Government has ruled out any rises in income tax in this assembly term, and the first minister is sceptical about whether it could ever be used.

But future administrations may have a far more proactive attitude to taxation.

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