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Carwyn Jones: 'No discussions' on Elis-Thomas joining cabinet

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Media captionCarwyn Jones: We've had discussions, but not about that

First Minister Carwyn Jones has denied rumours ex-Plaid Cymru leader Lord Elis-Thomas is joining his government.

"No discussions" had taken place about him joining the cabinet and no meetings were planned with him in the coming days, Mr Jones told BBC Wales.

Plaid has warned it will end its co-operation deal with Labour if it appoints another AM from outside the party to the Welsh Government.

Lib Dem AM Kirsty Williams already sits in his cabinet as education secretary.

Lord Elis-Thomas quit Plaid in October, accusing the party of not being serious about supporting stable government.

Adding him to the Welsh Government would secure Mr Jones a working majority in the Senedd, with 31 out of the 60 seats in Cardiff Bay.

Asked if Lord Elis-Thomas was joining the cabinet soon, Mr Jones said: "No, because he's just announced that he's leaving Plaid Cymru.

"We've had discussions with him about how we might work together in the future but not that, no."

He said: "Where there's common ground between us we would look to see if we can secure his support and vice-versa, as we do with everybody in this chamber."

Image caption Dafydd Elis-Thomas left Plaid Cymru after having a strained relationship with Plaid Cymru

The first minister also emphasised that "the structure that is already in place with Plaid Cymru will stay there".

"There have been no discussions... as far as him joining the cabinet," he said.

"It's been a question of talking to him about how he might look to vote in the future and working with him.

"The first thing you have to do is to work with somebody as an individual, and see then if you can secure their support for what you're trying to do.

"We don't go beyond that."

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