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Carwyn Jones: Jeremy Corbyn needs plan for UK government

Carwyn Jones and Jeremy Corbyn Image copyright Getty Images

Many people do not know what Labour would do if it took power in Westminster, the first minister has said.

Carwyn Jones told Buzzfeed News that Jeremy Corbyn's Labour party needed a "ruthless focus on the things that matter to ordinary people".

He also warned that fake news was making it harder for Labour to make its case to people online.

The interview comes after Mr Jones criticised UK Labour on immigration.

"At the moment people would struggle to know what Labour's programme for government would be in Westminster," Mr Jones told Buzzfeed.

"I've made this point with Jeremy - we've got to have a programme for government. We're not in that position yet across the UK.

"It means a ruthless focus on the things that matter to ordinary people. Immigration matters to ordinary people.

"It means being robust on workers' rights, on issues such as pensions, and not accepting that the whole world is an enormous free market."

'We've got to catch up'

Mr Jones said the left had been "slow" in its use of social media.

"The far-right has taken up social media more quickly than the centre-left... we've got to catch up," he said.

Mr Jones aired concerns that fake news - sites that publish hoaxes, untrue or propaganda articles - is making it harder for Labour to get its point of view across on issues such as immigration.

"My fear is that people will lose the ability to distinguish between rubbish and what has actually happened," he said.

"They expect newspapers to come at things from a certain angle - if you read the Express you expect it to be Brexit-mad and make allowances.

"But people are not used to making those allowances online."

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