Ramping up the Brexit rhetoric

Image copyright Getty/BBC
Image caption Carwyn Jones says Welsh ministers are not puppets in the Brexit negotiations

All of the ministers and leaders will be approaching the British-Irish Council summit with different angles and agendas.

The challenge will be putting them together into something cohesive.

Arguably, these talks are more important for Carwyn Jones than anyone else.

All want to put pressure on the UK government but Nicola Sturgeon has constitutional leverage with the threat of independence in Scotland and Arlene Foster has the issue of the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic to concentrate minds.

Wales doesn't have these focal points, hence we have seen Carwyn Jones use trade as his Brexit theme that he returns to time and again.

And there has been some tough talking.

His latest comment that Welsh ministers are not puppets in the Brexit negotiations is the latest example of rhetoric which has gradually been ramping up in recent months.

These talks are all about positioning and an opportunity for the leaders of the devolved nations in particular to keep the pressure on the UK government to keep them in the loop when the Brexit talks get underway next year.

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