Treasury stats on public spending

This is one for the geeks: the latest Treasury analysis on public spending across the UK.

The figures show that public spending per head in Wales was 10% higher than the average across the UK last year.

In total, £9,996 was spent per head in Wales, compared to the UK average of £9,076 in 2015/16.

Spending on health was £2,127, which is 0.3% higher than the UK average, while education was 2% higher at £1,320.

In relation to health over the past five years, the amount spent on health per head in Wales has been higher every year apart from 2013/14 when it was 0.5% lower.

In total, public spending across Wales amounted to £31bn.

If you combine the amount spent per person on health and social services in Wales, it was £2,696, which is 6% higher than in England. The Welsh Government says that there has been a real-term increase over the past three years.

In Wales, £908 was spent per head on incapacity, disability and injury benefit, that was far higher than in England where the same figure stood at £630 and in Scotland where it was £776. However, it was £1271 per head in Northern Ireland so Wales is not top of the list.

And for the real geeks out there: the figures are set out here: