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Steel crisis was raised at G20 summit, Theresa May says

Theresa May meets Xi Jinping Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Theresa May says she raised the issue of steel in front of Chinese President Xi Jinping and other leaders

The prime minister has said she did highlight problems facing the steel industry at the G20 summit in China.

Theresa May was responding to a question from Newport East MP Jessica Morden, amid criticism that she failed to raise it with the Chinese president.

Ms Morden said steelworkers were disappointed the prime minister did not tackle Xi Jinping over cheap exports of Chinese steel.

Mrs May said she brought up the matter during a full session at the summit.

Efforts are continuing to secure the future of Tata's steel production in England and Wales, including the firm's plants in Port Talbot.

China has denied accusations it has caused steel prices to collapse by selling it overseas at unrealistically low prices.

During Prime Ministers' Questions on Wednesday, the Labour MP asked for a commitment from Mrs May that she would pro-actively raise the issues.

"We need the prime minister to do this to protect our steel industry," Ms Morden said.

Defending her approach at this week's G20 gathering of the world's leading industrial nations, Mrs May told MPs: "I did raise the [steel] issue, but I chose to raise it in the plenary session, so it was clearly raised not just before the Chinese president but also before the other leaders.

"And crucially, what has come out of the G20 is an agreement to set up this new forum which will be looking at actions that lead to over-capacity and over-production, and the Chinese will be a member of that forum."

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