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UKIP's Nathan Gill given 'double job' threat by chairman

Nathan Gill

UKIP Wales leader Nathan Gill has been told to stop "double jobbing" or face having his right to stand for election removed by the party.

In a letter leaked to BBC Wales, UKIP chairman Steve Crowther asks Mr Gill to honour a commitment to stand down as an MEP now he is an AM for North Wales.

His UKIP colleagues in the assembly made a similar plea last month.

A source close to Mr Gill said his overall salary is lower since he became an AM. He declined to comment.

'Consider taking action'

In the letter, sent on 6 July, Steve Crowther said: "The NEC [UKIP's National Executive Committee] has resolved that our MEPs should not double-job as assembly members, and received assurances from both you and David Coburn [MEP in Scotland] that this would not be done.

"In addition, you stated in your election address for the Welsh candidacy that you would resign as an MEP if elected to the Welsh Assembly.

"The NEC asked me to reiterate to you that it stands by that resolution.

"It requests that you respond within seven days with an indication of your intention.

"It also instructed me to inform you that if this is not resolved satisfactorily it will consider taking action which may include removing your right to stand for election in the future."

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During UKIP's assembly selection process in February, Mr Gill said he would "resign as an MEP" if elected to the assembly.

He became an AM in May's election. But after the EU referendum he said he would stay on as an MEP because it had become a "non-position".

Mr Gill has previously said he receives a 300 euro a week allowance rather than a normal MEP salary.

A source close to the UKIP Wales leader said, because of tax rules, his overall combined salary is now lower than before he became an AM.

"He's lost money by doing this," the source said.

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