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EU deal should go to vote, Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies

Andrew RT Davies

The terms of a final negotiation between the UK and the EU will have to be put to the British people, Welsh Conservative leader Andrew RT Davies has said.

Leave campaigner Mr Davies said it would have to be approved at a general election or another referendum.

In contrast pro-EU First Minister Carwyn Jones has said that a second referendum would make people angrier.

He has called for the negotiations to be carried out as soon as possible.

'Political decision'

Mr Davies told the BBC's Good Morning Wales programme: "The government of the day will have to stand by the agreement, the negotiations that it has, and put that before the electorate, either at a general election or at another referendum."

When asked if another referendum in principle was acceptable, Mr Davies said: "It depended on the confidence of the government in the deal they have secured from the EU.

"If they believe that the deal is secure, robust and meets the aspirations of the British people who expressed that via the referendum then they can continue with the mandate to 2020.

"But that will be a political decision and ultimately it will be a decision taken to empower the British people either to endorse that agreement or, if not at referendum, at the general election of 2020, people will be able to cast their opinion."

Mr Davies also refused to be drawn on who he'll be supporting in the party's leadership contest.

He said he would make his position clear once all the contenders had gone public: "Whenever I've looked at a field of horses running a race, it's important they're all in the paddock before you cast your eye over them".

But dismissing calls for a second referendum in the Commons, Leader of the House Chris Grayling, a Leave campaigner, said: "It just doesn't work like that".

"The people have spoken.

"We've had a referendum. We've had a result. That's democracy."

Voters had made a decision and "it is our job now to follow that decision, to deliver the will of our people", he added.

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