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Welsh Remain campaigners lash out at Jeremy Corbyn

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There was complete disinterest from the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn in the campaign for Wales to remain in the EU, the campaign's director has said.

Stewart Owadally, from Wales Stronger In Europe, said they were consistently left hanging when they called on Labour at a UK level.

He said the campaign did get support from senior party figures in Wales.

A spokesman for Mr Corbyn said it was Mr Owadally's organisation which had "failed to enthuse the electorate".

Mr Owadally's comments were made in a letter to the Labour MP for Cardiff South and Penarth Stephen Doughty.

'Barrage of opposition'

The letter, written by both Mr Owadally, who is a Labour member, and Wales Stronger In Europe's head of press Alex Kalinik, said: "We were consistently given short shrift when we requested visits from Labour figures via the Labour Party in London.

"Our political champions from the Labour Party were often unable to get hold of research or rebuttal materials from Labour HQ to help make their case.

"In the end we often coordinated press for Labour figures because the Labour Party was not willing to do so - but these were less powerful because they were not from the official party infrastructure.

"Most strikingly felt of all was the complete disinterest from Jeremy Corbyn.

"As leader of our party, he should have thrown the full weight of his resources - as leader, as the leader's office, and as the steward of the party itself - into the Labour campaign for a Remain vote, but this did not happen.

"This was borne out by the results.

"While polls suggest somewhere in the region of 60% of Labour voters voted remain across the UK, what we saw and heard in the traditional Labour heartlands told its own story.

"We lost them, badly.

"And we faced a constant barrage of opposition from people in those areas during the campaign.

"It's our opinion, based on this direct and intensive experience from the campaign, that Jeremy Corbyn should resign in light of this."

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In response, a spokesman for Mr Corbyn said: "Stewart Owadally should realise that it was Stronger In that lost the campaign.

"His campaign, where politicians across parties, shared platforms, failed to enthuse the electorate.

"Jeremy Corbyn's Labour In campaign delivered two out of three Labour voters voting in, according to polls."

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