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EU referendum: Dangerous blaming outsiders for faults, says Wigley

Dafydd Wigley and Nathan Gill

A former leader of Plaid Cymru has warned Britain will go down a "dangerous road" if it blames outsiders for the country's economic faults.

Lord Wigley dismissed claims housing pressures were because of immigration in a heated BBC Radio Wales debate on the EU referendum on Wednesday.

But UKIP MEP and AM Nathan Gill said immigration was the "number one issue" brought up on doors and in the street.

"We're an island, we're not making any more land," he said.

Lord Wigley said: "We have pressure in the housing market in all parts of Wales, and it's not because of immigrants in all parts of Wales.

"We have pressure on schools, and in certain areas of England particularly, there are really serious problems. But that means building more schools and greater capacity.

"In pointing a finger towards the outsider as the basis of the faults that exist within our economy and within our society, its a very dangerous road to go down

"I don't want to see the United Kingdom going down that road."

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Media captionUKIP's Nathan Gill says the only continent other than Europe without economic growth is Antarctica

In response, Mr Gill said: "The reality is that immigration is a real concern for a lot of people.

"Its the number one issue that gets brought up whenever we go knocking on doors and speak to people in the streets.

"One of the founding principles of the EU is free movement of people. It's the reality, it will never change. We've been told categorically that will not change.

"If we vote to remain, the EU is going to take that to mean full speed ahead chaps, there's no way these people are ever going to get a referendum again."

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