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EU referendum: Migrants 'force Welsh people out of jobs'

David Jones
Image caption David Jones has said immigration is keeping wages low in Wales

Immigration is driving down wages in Wales and "forcing indigenous people out of jobs", the leader of Vote Leave in Wales has said.

Clwyd West MP David Jones said people struggle to find hotels in parts of Wales "not almost exclusively staffed by immigrants from eastern Europe".

He told the Sunday Supplement programme this also kept wages low.

Geraint Talfan Davies, for Wales Stronger in Europe, said freedom of movement had "little effect on wages".

The referendum on whether the UK remains part of the European Union takes place on 23 June.

However, Mr Jones told BBC Wales: "If you go to Llandudno or other tourist parts of the country, it's very difficult to find any hotel that is not almost exclusively staffed by immigrants from eastern Europe, which, of course, is forcing the indigenous population out of jobs and, of course, depressing wages."

Image caption Geraint Talfan Davies said Wales has not experienced high levels of immigration, unlike other parts of the UK

Mr Davies said: "I think most of the economic studies that have been done have actually shown that the freedom of movement has had very little effect on wages.

"The levels of migration into Wales are a fraction of what they are in other parts of the UK.

"I don't think this is a major issues for us - the key issue is actually our economy and there is absolutely no doubt that, if Britain is poorer, Wales is going to be poorer."

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