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Plaid Cymru says no youngster will be 'left behind'

Helen Mary Jones Image copyright Plaid Cymru

No young person will be "left behind" under a Plaid Cymru-run Welsh government, the party has said.

If Plaid triumphs in the assembly election, it will give employment, education or training to all under-25s who have been searching for work for more than four months.

An under-25 jobs guarantee is a key focus of its election manifesto.

There are currently 65,000 people aged 16-24 not in employment, education or training.

Plaid wants to support youngsters "from cradle to career", said Llanelli candidate Helen Mary Jones, its shadow minister for children and young people.

"We will work to ensure that no young person in Wales is left behind," she added.

To help achieve this, the party has said it would create 50,000 new apprenticeships by the end of the next assembly term.

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