Crabb shaken not stirred by PM's 'second career' advice

Russell Crowe and Stephen Crabb Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Separated at birth? Bearded lookalikes Russell Crowe and Stephen Crabb.

And a happy St David's Day to you too.

I've been to Downing Street, where Y Ddraig Goch was flying above Number 10 and David Cameron hosted a reception fuelled by Welsh produce from chocolate to Welshcakes. Entertainment was provided by Only Boys Aloud.

"Croeso i Stryd Downing," as the prime minister put it before admitting "the only other Welsh I was taught was insults to throw at English rugby fans".

There was the obligatory references to the current Six Nations championship and forthcoming clash between Wales and England ("the only winner will be the game of rugby") although he curiously omitted any reference to Euro 2016, the first major championship for which the Welsh football team has qualified since 1958.

Perhaps it was sensitivity about European issues, although the prime minister did touch on the other European issue in June - the EU referendum.

"When I look at what Wales gets out of membership of the European Union, when I think of the advantage having that market of 500 million people on your doorstep, when I think of the regional support and assistance that Wales has had from the European Union, when I think of the support that goes into brilliant Welsh universities, when I think of the strength that Wales gets from those things I have no hesitation in saying we're better off in a reformed European Union."

'James Bond'

There was a reference to Aston Martin's decision to come to south Wales - David Cameron was an early enthusiast for the project.

"We're going to have the James Bond car built in Wales," he said. "All we need now is a Welsh James Bond. That is the next step. I always say to the secretary of state, he looks a bit like Russell Crowe so where else do we need to go?"

A smiling Mr Crabb appeared shaken not stirred.