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Lib Dem 2015 election ads 'made little sense', review says

Nick Clegg
Image caption Nick Clegg, who stood down after the defeat, visited Cardiff on the campaign trail in March 2015

The Liberal Democrats's party election broadcasts "made little sense" in Wales, a review of its 2015 general election defeat has found.

The party went from 57 UK MPs in 2010 to eight at the general election, and lost two of its three Welsh members.

The internal review said its election broadcasts gave no reason not to vote for the nationalist parties.

It said the defeat was the result of its tuition fees U-turn, a weak Labour party and an effective Tory strategy.

The inquiry said the UK party's move to go into coalition with the Tories had not been well understood, and also blamed a "confusing" campaign.

'Poorly integrated'

The Liberal Democrats were left with only one Welsh MP after the 5 May poll - Ceredigion's Mark Williams.

The review said: "Our party election broadcasts did not show enough distinctive reasons to vote for the Liberal Democrats and, in the main, did not feature Liberal Democrat spokespeople.

"They made little sense in Scotland or Wales - where the message gave no reason not to vote for the Nationalist parties.

"They were also poorly integrated with our campaign on the ground."

The review recommended the party "keep the use of Scottish and Welsh variations" of UK party political broadcasts for Scotland and Wales.

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