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Asylum seekers sent to Cardiff home in 'crazy' numbers

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Media captionJo Stevens says managers at Lynx House felt there was a crisis

Asylum seekers, some injured and some suffering from scabies, were being sent to a Cardiff hostel in "crazy" numbers, a Welsh MP has been told by managers.

Cardiff Central MP Jo Stevens said Lynx House had nearly 400 people at one point in November, more than double what they felt they could manage.

MPs are debating the handling of asylum seekers by contractors.

A rule making Lynx House residents wear coloured wristbands to get food was scrapped after an outcry.

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"Lots of single men have been sent through by the Home Office," Ms Stevens told fellow MPs on Wednesday.

"These are individuals who have gone through a lot to get to Cardiff.

"Many were injured - there were cases of scabies."

Amid concern about overcrowding at the hostel, run by Clearsprings Group, she added: "This structure does not seem to be working."

Cardiff South and Penarth Labour MP Stephen Doughty said that none of the asylum seekers were asking for special treatment, just that they be treated with dignity and respect.

He said there were cases of short notice evictions, abusive behaviour, and of male workers entering the bedrooms of women without their consent - on occasions while the women were undressed.

Mr Doughty said such behaviour aggravated these people's previous experience of trauma.

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Media captionJames Brokenshire says asylum seekers should not be stigmatised

Immigration Minister James Brokenshire said the UK government remained "committed to providing an asylum system which protects and respects the fundamental rights of those individuals who arrive on our shores seeking refuge from persecution".

He said that he expected people to be treated with dignity and respect.

"I have also underlined that there should not be actions that stigmatise, isolate or publicly identify asylum seekers," he said.

The minister said he welcomed the action taken to remedy those situations.

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