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Cardiff MP Jo Stevens calls for review of G4S-run prisons

Jo Stevens

An MP has called for a review into all prisons run by G4S, following the death of an inmate at Parc Prison, Bridgend.

Shadow justice minister and Cardiff Central MP Jo Stevens said the 37-year-old had died because his epilepsy had not been diagnosed and the prison did not allow him medical assistance.

Prisons minister Andrew Selous said the UK government had put more money into providing safer custody.

G4S said it has made changes at Parc Prison since the "tragic death".

Prison director Janet Wallesgrove said improvements have been made to how medical appointments are overseen by clinical staff.

She added: "The latest inspection at the prison praised the new healthcare unit and the attention paid to health promotion, and in 2015 HMP Parc was judged to be providing 'exceptional performance' in the government's prison rating system."

Justice Secretary Michael Gove told the Commons debate on Wednesday that Parc Prison was doing "an exemplary job".

But Ms Stevens said: "Failures of operators of a G4S-run prison to allow medical assistance to a 37-year-old prisoner who died in his cell because his epilepsy had not been diagnosed. That prison was HMP Parc Prison in Bridgend, which the justice minister singled out for praise.

"I repeat our call from these benches for the justice secretary to instigate a review into all G4S-run prisons."

She added there was a prison crisis - citing the case of a man who was jailed for breaching an Asbo (anti-social behaviour order) by street begging and died in his Cardiff cell after being stabbed with a ballpoint pen.

"We have the highest imprisonment rate in Europe," she said.

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