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Baroness Morgan's 'calm down' call over Labour fallout

Baroness Morgan

Labour colleagues in Westminster need to "calm down" and focus their energy on holding the Conservative government to account, the party's spokesperson in the House of Lords has said.

Baroness Morgan also told Sunday Politics Wales arguments around Jeremy Corbyn's shadow cabinet reshuffle were hampering attempts to win support in May's Welsh Assembly elections.

She is the party's number two regional list candidate in mid and west Wales.

Baroness Morgan called for focus.

"The key thing now is for us to understand that Labour is in power in Wales, we are able to affect change here and we've got to focus on that," she said.

"And anything that's a distraction in Wales from that, I think we should try to put to one side."

To her colleagues in Westminster, she said: "My message would be everybody calm down a bit and let's focus our opposition on the Tories, not internally."

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