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'Essential' Welsh tax collection body is separate from government

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The body that will collect Welsh taxes for the first time must be completely separate from the Welsh government, a committee of AMs has said.

A Welsh Revenue Authority (WRA), like HM Revenue and Customs, will collect stamp duty and landfill tax from 2018.

The AMs said the WRA's independence needed strengthening. Ministers said they would respond in due course.

The chancellor said income tax powers will also be devolved, but there is no timetable for that yet.


Jocelyn Davies, the Plaid Cymru AM who chairs the assembly Finance Committee, said: "Under new devolved powers, Wales is in a position to collect its own taxes for the first time in 800 years.

"That is why we believe that a Welsh Revenue Authority that is completely independent of government; and that sets out its purpose and what people can expect from it in a clear manner, is essential to ensure that the business of managing the collection of taxes is efficient and effective from the outset."

A Welsh government spokesman said: "We are pleased the Finance Committee has agreed the general principles of the Tax Collection and Management (Wales) Bill.

"The Bill represents a significant milestone for Wales which will send a message that we are confident taking this next key step in the devolution of taxes."

AMs will debate the legislation in December.

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