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Ministers promise to oppose fracking in Wales

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Media captionThere are no definitive plans to devolve control of fracking to Wales

The Welsh government has indicated that it will try to block fracking anywhere in Wales until its safety is proven.

Powers over the gas drilling technique lie at Westminster, but Welsh ministers have called for them to be devolved.

They backed a motion proposed by Plaid Cymru calling for the Welsh government to do all it can to block the extraction of shale gas.

A number of exploratory drilling applications have been approved in the Vale of Glamorgan and surrounding area.

The motion called on the Welsh government to do everything in its power to prevent fracking until it is proven to be safe in both an environmental and public health context.

There are no definitive plans to devolve control of fracking to Wales but the result of talks among MPs on transferring further powers from Westminster is due to be published next month.

'Appropriate safeguards'

Vale of Glamorgan MP Alun Cairns accused Welsh ministers of being "disingenuous" over fracking.

He said one application for exploratory drilling in his constituency was rejected locally by the council but the decision was overturned due to Welsh government planning guidance.

Mr Cairns told BBC Wales that, to be consistent, Welsh ministers need to update the advice.

But Economy Minister Edwina Hart ruled out any such changes, saying appropriate guidance and safeguards were in place.

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