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Welsh Conservatives: Change how NHS bosses get jobs

The way NHS bosses are appointed does not need to change, the Welsh government says, despite claims too many jobs go to Labour Party members.

The Welsh Conservatives say that of 93 appointments to local health boards, 12 were Labour members with two each from Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats and no Tories.

They want to replace the seven chairs with directly-elected commissioners.

The Welsh government said the current appointment system was fair.

Darren Millar AM, the Welsh Conservative's shadow health minister, said, "There are serious questions about why there have been three times as many Labour Party appointments as there have been for all the political parties put together."

The Welsh government said ministers appointed health board members after they were recommended for selection by an independent appointments panel and they were chosen on merit.

"On the basis of the Conservatives' own figures, 85% declared no political activity," a spokesman said.

"The appointments process in Wales mirrors that in England and elsewhere in the UK and is governed by the independent commissioner for public appointments."

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