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AM's hand-on-hip rebuke complaint to presiding officer

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Media captionEluned Parrott was rebuked during a heated exchange in the Senedd

The Liberal Democrats have formally complained to the assembly's presiding officer for telling one of their AMs to take her hand off her hip while speaking in the Senedd.

Eluned Parrott said she was "deeply disappointed" to be called to order by Dame Rosemary Butler last week.

It happened during a heated debate about cuts in school music lessons.

The presiding officer told BBC Wales at the time that she did not think the incident was "worth talking about".

The Lib Dems said Dame Rosemary had not yet responded to a letter of complaint from their leader Kirsty Williams.

'Not helpful'

The presiding officer called Eluned Parrott to order during noisy exchanges in the Senedd last Wednesday and said: "Will you ask the question and take your hand off your hip please?"

The South Wales Central AM said the rebuke was "not helpful" and took focus away from the subject matter of the debate.

Defending her actions at the time, Dame Rosemary said: "I kept order in the chamber, I asked Eluned Parrott to remove her hand and she did and she carried on."

Debates in the Senedd chamber were generally "taken part in [with] good behaviour", she added.

"When it doesn't happen, I say something."

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