Taxing questions for the Liberal Democrats

Is the Liberal Democrat mansion tax now an English tax?

In a sense it always has been, as so few properties in Wales sell for more than £2m. But now the "mansion tax" has become a change to council tax, with new bands introduced for more expensive properties, and the proceeds sent to the Treasury rather than kept by local government.

Danny Alexander told delegates here in Glasgow: "We will introduce a new levy on the highest value properties - new bands on top of council tax to end the outrage that a £50m property can currently pay the same as a half million pound home.

"This new tax will be fair, affordable, and will generate funds that will help our nation to live within its means."

Leaving aside the question of whether it is "affordable" or not, as council tax is devolved, does this mean what we used to call (until yesterday) the mansion tax would now apply only in England?

It's a question I've put to the Liberal Democrats. I'll let you know when I get an answer.

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