Time to rebuild the UK, says Carwyn Jones

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Carwyn Jones calls for 'home rule all round' as the fairest future for the UK

Wales' first minister says the Union has "suffered a serious injury" which can only be rebuilt by a convention on the future of the UK.

Speaking at the Labour Conference Carwyn Jones warned the union cannot be rebuilt through conversation between only Westminster and Scotland.

He added that he looked forward to Welsh involvement in any convention deciding powers "from day one".

He called for "home rule all round" with "an equal share of resources".

Mr Jones that reiterated powers promised to Scotland should be offered to Wales.

"The establishment almost lost the union, the people of these nations must now rebuild it," said Mr Jones.

He defended his government's record in health, education and public services, in his speech to the conference in Manchester, but future the shape of the UK following the Independence referendum in Scotland dominated.

'All four nations'

"The conversation we need now must take in all the four nations, Wales, Scotland, England and Northern Ireland together," said Mr Jones. "It must address the needs and responsibilities of all and we must do this in the spirit of solidarity and generosity that we also promised."

Shadow Secretary of State for Wales Owen Smith MP had earlier said Prime Minister David Cameron should involve Wales in talks on the future shape of devolution.

He said: "On Friday, the Prime Minister said that he wants to put Wales at the heart of our national conversation about the future of Britain.

"Well conference, as we all know Labour is woven through the very fabric of Wales. We are the true Welsh party - yesterday, today and tomorrow.

"So if you're listening, Mr Cameron, pin your ears back, and listen to what Wales has to say."


On Sunday party leader Ed Miliband accused David Cameron of planning to set the UK nations against each other.

Mr Miliband warned: "We know what were going to see in the next few weeks and months from David Cameron and others which is to try to set each nation of our country against each other.

"So it'll be England versus Wales versus Scotland. That is their tactic."