Cardiff Central the main ministerial attraction

OK, it's the heart of the capital city, with a busy station, but why is Cardiff Central so popular with Wales Office ministers?

Official figures released in a parliamentary written answer say more than half the official visits made by David Jones, Stephen Crabb and Baroness Randerson have been to this key marginal constituency.

Have I just answered my own question there? Apparently, it's more complicated than that.

A government source suggests the figures are skewed by the location of the Wales Office's Cardiff base in Caspian Point, and the statistics include ministerial visits there.

Except, Caspian Point isn't in Cardiff Central; it's in Cardiff South and Penarth.

Stephen Crabb has now given a fuller breakdown of the figures. If they do include visits to Caspian Point, then it appears the secretary of state for Wales has yet to visit on official business either his own office or the National Assembly for Wales.

Alternatively, it's just possible the Wales Office doesn't realise which constituency its own office is in. A spokesperson tells me: "We are reviewing the figures."