Mixed news for Wales in defence shake-up

Philip Hammond is known within government as a "details man" and his answers to questions on Welsh military bases today suggest that reputation is not unearned.

Wales may only be a small part of the "basing plan" unveiled by the defence secretary today, but its impact in Pembrokeshire and the Vale of Glamorgan will be large enough.

Here's a short interview in which he gives more detail about the future of St Athan (and shows a fair grasp of its geography): "The broad plan is that the military will move from the east of the runway over time to a military enclave on the west, will release the super-hanger to the Welsh assembly government (sic) and the plan at the moment is that the RAF will continue to operate the runway on behalf of the Welsh assembly Government."

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Media captionThe UK government is investing £1.8bn in a new basing plan across the UK with £100m being spent in Wales