Hain sparks debate on Labour-Lib Dem coalition

He may have left frontline politics but Peter Hain isn't ready to retire just yet.

Peter Hain, former cabinet minister and still MP for Neath, has offered his thoughts on how Labour should prepare for a general election in which it doesn't win a majority of seats in the House of Commons.

Here in Manchester, where Labour are in conference, Mr Hain's replacement as shadow Welsh Secretary, Owen Smith, joined in the debate during an appearance on the Sunday Politics.

The Pontypridd MP told me that the Lib Dems, through their existing coalition with the Conservatives at Westminster, have acted as "handmaiden to decisions that we think have divided Britain".

Earlier, Mr Hain told Vaughan Roderick on BBC Radio Wales' Sunday Supplement how Labour could form an alliance with those who represent the "radical tradition" among Lib Dems if they change their leadership.