Nick Clegg spends wedding anniversary at Welsh night

Where would you celebrate your wedding anniversary? A quiet, candlelit dinner for two in a romantic restaurant, perhaps?

Nick and Miriam have been married 12 years. They chose to mark the date by attending Welsh night at the Liberal Democrat conference in Brighton.

Well, Mr Clegg is the party leader, although you might still think that is above and beyond the call of duty. The Lib Dem leader and his wife popped in to the Grand Hotel to have a drink with Welsh activists.

Before heading for Brighton, Mr Clegg spoke to me about Welsh issues and the appointment of Baroness Randerson of Roath Park as a Wales Office minister.

Education in Wales is the responsibility of the Welsh government, but Mr Clegg wants Lady Randerson to ensure Cardiff and Westminster work together for the benefit of schoolchildren.

So, in the wake of the cross-border row on GCSEs, how does he think that's going? The Lib Dem leader was happy to wade into the row:

"I don't agree with what the Welsh government is doing, they appear to be shifting goalposts for children in Wales. I know what they say but I don't think it's right for politicians to be interfering in an independent exam system.

"My heart goes out to the parents and the children, particularly those who have taken English GCSEs where they feel there has been a change in the way they have been assessed, but I strongly feel that it isn't for politicians to start interfering and say we're going to change the system unilaterally."

Lady Randerson could well find herself earning every penny of her salary mediating between Wales and Westminster - although, of course, she is unpaid.