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Paul Flynn MP thrown out of Commons for lie accusation

An MP has been thrown out of the House of Commons after claiming that Defence Secretary Philip Hammond was lying to Parliament over the conflict in Afghanistan.

Newport West Labour MP Paul Flynn refused a request by the Speaker, John Bercow, to withdraw the accusation.

Mr Bercow accused him of "disorderly" behaviour, and he was suspended from the chamber for the rest of Tuesday.

Mr Hammond replied that the comments were scandalous.

Mr Flynn made his remarks during an urgent question on the Nato strategy in Afghanistan.

He told the Commons: "I believe we have had lies from the minister and I believe that our soldiers have been let down."

His attack came as Mr Hammond denied suggestions that the military operation was being scaled back following a series of fatal attacks on international forces by Afghan troops they were training.

Mr Flynn insisted on retaining his accusation of lying when Mr Bercow asked him to withdraw his comments.

"I have to insist on retaining my accusation of lying, that is far more important than allowing a group of people to send our soldiers to die in vain in a war in which we should withdraw... I accept the consequences of what I'm saying."

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