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Carwyn Jones accused by Plaid of Welsh Government delay

Carwyn Jones
Image caption Ms Wood said Mr Jones was in a good position to drive things forward

A Plaid Cymru AM has accused First Minister Carwyn Jones of taking too much time to set up a programme for government in Wales.

Leanne Wood also blamed Presiding Officer Rosemary Butler for the lack of assembly subject committees six weeks after the assembly election.

Mr Jones is to make a statement on his government's priorities on Tuesday.

But it is understood a full legislative programme will not be unveiled for several weeks.

Ms Wood said: "When nobody takes responsibility... things do not happen."

Political commentator Daran Hill said all parties shared the blame.

Mr Hill commented: "I wouldn't excuse the Welsh Government or the Labour Party from having a part in this, but it feels to me like there's been a collective failure across all four political parties to actually get out of this impasse, to walk away from this inertia and to get things happening."

Ms Wood, AM for South Wales Central, said Mr Jones and Ms Butler were in a "good position to drive things forward" but that this would only happen if the first minister wanted it.

"Alex Salmond in Scotland, as the first minister there, made sure that there are committees up and running in Scotland," she said.

"Scotland is getting on with the job of work that their government was elected to do and I think we deserve at least that, the same in Wales."

Plaid Cymru will use its debate in plenary on Wednesday to call on the government to provide a full and detailed five-year programme for government.

Progress updates

A Liberal Democrat amendment then will call on the government to provide regular progress updates.

BBC Wales political reporter Mark Hannaby said that since the assembly election on May 5 there had been plenty of assembly news but not much business done in the chamber.

"We have had the ongoing drama of seeing two liberal Democrats - John Dixon and Aled Roberts - have their membership of the assembly withdrawn for belonging to organisations AMs are not allowed to be members of," he said.

"We have had the royal opening and the row over Plaid Cymru leader Ieuan Wyn Jones' absence from that royal opening.

"But beyond two sessions of First Minister's Questions not a lot has happened."

In 2003 committees were set up to scrutinise the government three weeks after the election, he added.

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