Wales issues guide: Social justice

The assembly has control over policies on social justice in Wales.

It includes things like regenerating deprived communities and tackling child poverty. This is a guide to the policies of the four biggest parties on social justice.

Election issues 2011

Social justice



Liberal Democrats

Plaid Cymru

  • Eliminate child poverty by 2020 - starting with the most severe cases.
  • National awareness campaign against elder abuse and age discrimination. The party says society must respect and engage with the interests and needs of all of its members, regardless of age.
  • Increase the recognition of the large role that grandparents play in caring for children within their family.
  • National directory of substance misuse to give details of sources for advice and information, treatment and rehabilitation providers.
  • Fund 500 more police community support officers in Wales.
  • Provide a Flying Start for children to help tackle child poverty.
  • Take action to assist disadvantaged groups and provide advice and support.
  • Stronger action against domestic violence.
  • Create a national treatment taskforce within government to provide leadership on substance misuse.
  • Implement a national domestic abuse training strategy for professionals delivering frontline services, including doctors, nurses, teachers and social workers.
  • Ensure all children receive basic lessons in financial literacy.
  • Lobby for increased power for the Children's Commissioner to work on non-devolved issues.
  • Extend duty of care to 21, regardless of whether or not a child stays in education.
  • Put child poverty at the heart of government decision making and work towards the eradication of child poverty by 2020.
  • Reform the Communities First regeneration scheme, cutting bureaucracy and refocusing resources on the life chances of children and young people.
  • Expand the Flying Start programme to increase the provision of free childcare.
  • Seek the devolution of the criminal justice system and launch a national commission on policing.
  • Legislate to provide the right for people living with chronic, severe substance misuse problems to access treatment.
  • Support more older people to stay independent in their homes through schemes such as Extra Care.

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