Wales issues guide: Culture and heritage

Policies over culture, sport and heritage are the responsibility of the Welsh Assembly Government.

It is one of the 20 policy fields devolved to Wales from Westminster. This is an outline of the cultural priorities of the Conservatives, Labour, Plaid Cymru and the Liberal Democrats.

Election issues 2011

Culture and heritage



Liberal Democrats

Plaid Cymru

  • Bid for both the UEFA Champions League final and the Commonwealth Games, following the success of the 2010 the Ryder Cup.
  • Create a Welsh National Archive by transferring records from London to Wales.
  • Introduce a Welsh Charter Mark for businesses in order to recognise high quality Welsh language services.
  • Brand Wales as a world-class destination for culture, tourism and business.
  • Campaign for St David's Day to become a national holiday in Wales.
  • Build on the importance of the creative industries to the Welsh economy.
  • A fairer share of TV production from UK broadcasters such as the BBC for Wales-based independent production companies.
  • Remain committed to ensuring the Welsh language is a living language.
  • Retain a commitment to free swimming.
  • Promote Wales for world class sporting events.
  • Develop a specific rights-based approach to using Welsh by amending the Welsh Language Measure.
  • Invest in grassroots sports, particularly in schools. Encourage links between schools and local sports clubs in order to make sure all children who want to partake in sports get the opportunity to do so and ensure that teacher training builds up the ability of teachers to teach sports and physical literacy.
  • Give strategic direction to the Arts Council to invest more money into smaller festivals and up-and-coming artists, musicians and writers.
  • Create a new Welsh language innovation fund to strengthen Welsh as a community language and create new language development areas.
  • Build the position of Wales as a world-class destination for tourism as well as major sporting, cultural and arts events.
  • Lead a major initiative to "Celebrate Wales" culminating in a "Festival of Wales" year in 2014.
  • Provide new opportunities for children and young people to access the arts and sport.
  • Ensure the success of new Welsh language legislation in increasing the provision of services available in Welsh.

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