North West Wales

Anglesey farmer's shock after cow gives birth to triplets

The heifer and her three triplets Image copyright Cenydd Lewis Owen
Image caption NFU Cymru described the births as a "once in a lifetime" experience

A farmer was left stunned when one of his cows gave birth to triplets in a "once in a lifetime" event.

Cenydd Lewis Owen, who runs a farm with his wife and mother in Gaerwen, Anglesey, had expected twin calves.

When the second calf was born he went off to have lunch, only to return a short while later and discover there was one more still to deliver.

He said: "It's unbelievable. In the last days of pregnancy, she was huge - she was like a beach ball."

Beef farmer Mr Owen, 44, said the calves - jokingly nicknamed one, two and three - would stay together and be kept as breeding heifers.

"It would be a shame to split them up, so they can spend the rest of their lives together. They deserve to be kept together," he said.

The calves were born to a Hereford bull named Loose Cannon and a Belgian blue cross and are in good health.

National Farmers' Union of Wales estimated the chance of triplet calves being born was a 1-100,000.

"To have twins doesn't happen often, but I've seen a few twins in the past - but triplets is something I've never seen before," Mr Owen added.

"I started phoning my other farmer friends and they came over to see, everyone was stunned."

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