Turtle Menai washed up on Anglesey 'may not survive'

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Menai had been looked after at Anglesey Sea Zoo

A zoo which cared for a rare sea turtle which washed up on Anglesey said it is "devastated" to hear she may not survive.

The Olive Ridley turtle, nicknamed Menai, was the first such turtle to have been reported in UK waters since records began almost 200 years ago.

She was flown to Gran Canaria last summer to recover in a warmer climate.

But Anglesey Sea Zoo said Menai's condition "has rapidly deteriorated" and it may be "too late to save her".

Image source, Anglesey Sea Zoo
Image source, Anglesey Sea Zoo

Staff travelled with her to the Canary Islands in June 2017 where it was hoped Menai would acclimatise before being tagged and taken to the southern Atlantic Ocean for release.

But posting on its Facebook page, the zoo said her condition had deteriorated over the last two to three weeks.

"Since realising this, we have been desperately trying to find a more suitable place to move her on to," it said.